Saturday, 30 November 2013

Spanish artists Open Studio Weekend at Spain (NOW!)

   I have recently gone some activities for the 5th edition of Spain (NOW!) last November. I was very satisfied with the shows I saw, and also, to get to know some new Spanish speaking artists based in London in their Open Studio Weekend.
   So I decided to do a little research about these artist and share it with you. Following the same order as the programme of Spain (NOW!), I will start with Gala Knorr. This very prolific Basque born artist is starting to be very recognized in the present artistic panorama in London with her collage like photography and designs. In her works, and her collaborations with other artists, we can see a very new and refreshing re-elaboration of the cultural history of the 20th Century.
   Fran Ortega's energetic paintings will definitely reach you with his accumulative work full of symbology, iconography and explosions of paint which has led him to be chosen one of the Burning Bright,emerging artists from Saatchi Online Gallery this year. Congratulations from here!
   For our next stop we stay in the same building,  Mother Studios in Hackney Wick, housing also Adrian Navarro. Adrian, like Cristobal Columbus, thought the world was round!, and he evolves this concept in an uncountable plastic ways. While Adrian Navarro was showing his studio and his work, Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf presented an audiovisual experience inspired by the creations of the painter. Quoting from Spanish (NOW!) web: "a never-ending immersive trip into hundreds of overlapped landscapes and soundcapes".
   A visit to Jorge Monedero to get to know his very stylish portrait photography of very well-known names like Galiano and Claudia Shiffer, other artists like Sarah Lucas or Tracy Amin, for magazines like The Times or Vanity Fair is really worth it.
   There was also video artists like Gemma Pardo with her videos set all in nature. The blue of the water, sky and clouds leaves you with a deep sensation of tranquility, isolation and emptiness.
  Finally, Maria Jose Arceo  touches your consciousness about the importance of recycling with her artistic creations and installations where she experiments with new visual patterns made out of rubbish found on the shores of the river Thames.
   There are still many more I have not mentioned. I might have an opportunity to do it another time. But what is true is that Spanish artists are opening their way in London cultural and enriching and getting influences from the our contemporary art panorama.